Re: DoD paper says we should self censor

From: Brian Weeden (
Date: Sat May 28 2011 - 03:06:22 UTC

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    As someone who is being specifically targeted by that report, I can say that it reflects a particular ideology and is not the "truth".  
    In particular, it puts forward a US-centric viewpoint that assumes American national security should be the ultimate goal of everyone everywhere.  It also assumes that these types of disclosures would not have been possible by nation states.  If Russia or China could not replicate the same information produced by this group with the billions they spend on their national systems, then they are not a threat to the US.
    The only difference is public awareness and scrutiny, the avoidance of which is probably a major goal of the author (and certainly many governments).  I am quite certain the author would praise any whistleblowers and advocates who come forward to reveal classified or sensitive information about potential adversaries of the US (such as Iran or China) while damming those who would do the same in the US.
    I can say without a doubt that this group has had a significant positive impact on the world, and it would be a shame if this group were to cease or diminish it's efforts because of some biased report.
    You provide a much-needed service and should be thanked, not reprimanded. 
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