Re: Stringent Rules

From: Art Glick (
Date: Wed May 25 2011 - 18:55:41 UTC

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    At 08:00 AM 5/25/2011, Ted wrote:
    >If you want to report your results via SeeSat-L, then you will take 
    >the time to comply with the rules.
    >If you prefer only to inform SeeSat-L readers of the existence of 
    >your website and/or mailing list, then I will allow one such message 
    >per month, for the benefit of our subscribers.
    Frankly, I think allowing "one such message per month" is the most 
    arbitrary and capricious of all the rules so far!
    Why not twice per month?  Why not once per week?  Why not every other month?
    I can appreciate others wanting to make use of Ralf's work product 
    (hundreds, though?), but I have trouble with the policy of forcing 
    him to provide it.  It seems to me that he should be permitted to 
    post whatever he wants, and it should be taken any way that anyone 
    wants to take it.
    I think we should all be grateful that Ralf is willing to take the 
    time to post anything at all, and as a casual observer, I could care 
    less about his processing techniques.  If he identifies the image as 
    either processed or raw, that should really be enough, in my opinion.
    To prevent him from notifying fellow seesaters via this list that any 
    new images have been posted on his web site seems totally counter to 
    the spirit of this list.
    You have been an excellent moderator of this list thus far, Ted.  I 
    remember when you took it over, but I think you're dead wrong here.
    Ralf - please feel free to add me to your e-mail list!
    Art Glick
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