RE: last chance to fully receive Ralf Vandebergh's high-res sat images

From: Paul Grace (
Date: Wed May 25 2011 - 17:43:27 UTC

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    The decency?  It's somehow indecent to withhold photos?
    May I remind everyone of the process that led us here?  Some members of the
    SeeSat mail list decided they want to create additional restrictions on any
    uploaded photos, up to and including suggestions that all rights to the
    images should be surrendered to the public domain!!!
    While this is clearly the right of the owners of the mail list to do
    whatever they wish, it is hardly indecent for any contributor to decide any
    new restrictions are worth the costs.  As SeeSat alienates members, it will
    need to find new members to replace those that find SeeSat increasingly
    I was opposed to any restrictions, as I predicted this sort of reaction from
    those who are interested in sharing the fruits of their efforts, without
    sacrificing efficiency in their personal workflow.  Instead of finding some
    exciting photos and some interesting discussion generated by those, new
    members may find none under the new policy.
    I hope the restrictive urge among the list owners is sated, and we won't see
    further losses to marginal goals  (as we must note the goal of getting
    source data will not be met for certain photographers, as no photos at all
    are posted).
    As a semi-professional photographer, I could not imagine submitting my work
    under such restrictions.  You get to have my raw images?  Any sequence has
    to include 30 seconds on either side of the capture?  It's preposterous.
    Paul Grace
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    "too much time" ? I thought the work involved concerns the image processing
    - not clicking on a number of raw image filenames, and letting the computer
    do the uploading in the background. Please explain !
    OTOH I think that you shold have the decency to inform SeeSat-L if your
    website has a new posting that sheds new light on the shape/size of
    classified satellites, or the current orientation/rotation of other
    interesting objects, e.g. explaining why Zenith-2 rockets apparantly have
    6-10 flashes per rotation.
    2011/5/24 Ralf Vandebergh <>
    > Hi all,
    > My future high-resolution observations of ISS, Spaceshuttle, satellites
    > rocket bodies will be provided
    > using a mailing-list for people who are seriously interested. ...Frankly,
    > must admit the new Seesat image posting rules, which would take me too
    > time to work efficiently, are involved in this decision. This is my
    > decision to go in a different direction and hopefully it is respected.
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