Re: Admin: policy for reporting high resolution ground-based imagery of Earth satellites

From: Markus Mehring (
Date: Sat May 14 2011 - 14:16:05 UTC

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    On Fri, 13 May 2011 20:30:26 -0700, you (Skywise
    <>) wrote:
    >Even if the images are hosted elsewhere and only links provided here,
    >there is still the issue of using those images. If the owner does
    >not release the images for use, then it is technically illegal for
    >someone to take that image, do something with it, and then post it
    >elsewhere. Posting it (publishing) would be the violation.
    Whether or not, it still is of no concern to Seesat-L what anyone else
    does with those images. This copyright discussion is, in my opinion, a
    meta subject that doesn't touch Ted's original request for debate.
    The reason to have a policy regarding raw images, image data (as per
    Ted's suggestion in his August '10 post), and description of the
    processing involved, is to reduce the volume of discussion about the
    interpretation of what can be seen in the final result. A more
    streamlined reporting standard would limit the somewhat frequently
    occuring instances of "Is not!"-"Is too!" like back and forth
    interaction between certain members that seems to pop up at times.
    I agree that hi-res imaging falls well under the umbrella of "visual
    satellite observing" and should be a welcome part of this list, just as
    other different aspects of the hobby already are. Personally, I'm
    certainly very interested in seeing the results and knowing about how
    the imager got there, no matter if I agree with the result or not.
    And frankly, it is in an imager's best interest to provide background
    data and processing steps, as a somewhat scientific validation that
    indeed there is (or might be) in the image what he or she says it is. No
    one is forced to publish results here in the first place, but if they
    do, it's not a bad idea to have some basic standard in place that makes
    different people's results comparable. Posting here is voluntary,
    Seesat-L doesn't need to worry about copyright, fair use, derivative
    works, etc., because all of that would be only between the image creator
    and whoever further uses those images for which purpose. Your copyright
    for your original creations is in place and applies at all times anyway,
    whether explicitly stated or not. Seesat-L would only hold links.
    But if there is concern that we have a potential copyright issue here,
    Ted did already suggest "An alternative would be to state that the [raw
    image] data is available upon request" which I think is a good
    compromise - while I still would definitely want to know which
    processing steps were applied to the raw images.
    Or in short, I'm with Ted's "option 2" thoughts here:
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