Re: Need Help - Bright Double Flare over São Paulo city, Brazil

From: Carlos Bella (
Date: Sat May 14 2011 - 04:32:34 UTC

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    Here are the identification of the most significant stars in the images:
    Above northeast horizon:
    Epsilon Pegasus (Enif) are at 42o 22' of altitude
    Beta Aquarii (Sadali Melik) are at 44o 42.5' of altitude
    Alpha Aquarii (Sadali Suud) are at 54o 44.5' of altitude
    Alpha Aquila (Altair) are at 56o 57.9' of altitude
    They are in the same position in the sky in both days ( 06 and 09 ) since
    the hour of the passage of the satellite was about the same in the two days.
    Thank you for your attention Kevin
    2011/5/13 Kevin Fetter <>
    > It looks to me, is look's like a satellite that is rotating, and so it's
    > flashing.
    > So far, I am having a problem with the area of sky meantioned. Unless I am
    > losing my mind, I don't see any star's that match the pattern in the video,
    > that would be the one's you listed in the message, ie "triangle" of Epsilon
    > Pegasus and Alpha e Beta Aquarii
    > So is just me, are am I missing something in the star pattern.
    > Kevin
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