Need Help - Bright Double Flare over São Paulo city, Brazil

From: Carlos Bella (
Date: Sat May 14 2011 - 00:28:01 UTC

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     I'm interested in transient celestial phenomena and logs them with one
    camera WATEC Ultimate with lens Lens: Fujinon Autoiris YV2.7X2.9LR4D-SA2L
    (1/3",3-8mm Varifocus F0.95). To capture the events I use the software
    Recently was registering Eta Aquarids meteor shower when at dawn on
    06/05/2011 ( the hour - local time - of the flares are in the bottom of the
    pictures ) the camera recorded a very bright double flare from a satellite
    netx of the "triangle" of Epsilon Pegasus and Alpha e Beta Aquarii. An animated
    gif of motion and flares can be seen here:
    A movie of the sattellite movement and second flare ( unluckly the video of
    the first flare are damaged ):
    Due to cloudy temple could made records only in the early morning of the day
    09/05, and then again, at about the same area, the camera again recorded
    double flare of a satellite (which I believe to be the same day 06):
    Despite my interest in the registry and research of satellites I still very
    inexperienced in this area (although I have been learning from reading this
    list and other information sources cited here) and I could not identify the
    satellite (s?) that could have caused these flares so bright, so I come to
    ask for assistance from more experienced colleagues to help me on this task (
    I have the original uncompressed movies of the both days if necessary to the
    analysis ).
    Thanks to these records I became fascinated by research and record of
    satellites and want to contribute to the study of these objects with new
    records acquired in a more planned and systematic way.
    My geographical coordinates are:
    Lat: 23°36'22.16"S
    Long: 46°39'27.91"W
    Time Zone: -3 off GMT
    Altitude: 765 meters
    Best regards
    Carlos Bella
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