Insat 2A, flashing delta debris, flashing globalstar

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu May 12 2011 - 16:29:10 UTC

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    Caught some bright flashes from Insat 2A ( 22027 ). Seems to only flash brightly for a short time.
    92- 41 A 11-05-12 01:26:51   KF                 8     +4->inv
    While checking on SkyTerra 1, which I might have seen using the wide feild observing setup, I had a flashing peice of delta rocket come by.
    It was 10762, and the flashes were faint, between 8 to 9th mag.
    Yesterday, I had observed a flashing globalstar satellite, which was 
    globalstar 3 ( 25165 ) from what I remember. I didn't keep a note anywhere.
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