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Date: Wed May 11 2011 - 18:29:52 UTC

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    Space Journal was, as far as I know, the first newsstand space
    magazine, predating by about three years the venerable Space World
    (and even Sputnik I by a couple of months). Before Space Journal,
    newsstand (nontechnical, nonfiction, non-UFO, pop-sci) articles about
    space topics appeared in science-fiction digests, family magazines
    such as Life, Collier's, Time, and so forth, and science periodicals
    such as Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, and so forth. There
    were only seven more or less quarterly issues of Space Journal (eight,
    if you count the two printings of issue #1 separately) before it
    ceased publication. Issue #3 carried two semitechnical articles, by
    project engineers, about the first two successful Explorer satellites
    (Explorer I and III, as they were then numbered) that are interesting
    enough even now to make it worthwhile to scan them and convert the
    scans to PDF files. I  have uploaded them in a folder to my website:
    They're pretty detailed scans (to resolve the fine print) and include
    the front and back covers of the issue and the contents page in
    addition to the articles, and thus are pretty large files. I've tested
    them on my computer and they print fairly well.
    Note the differences between Explorers I and III. My question is, was
    the failed Explorer II more like I or III? The dearth of available
    published information about Explorer II is pretty remarkable.
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