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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Sat May 07 2011 - 01:51:48 UTC

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    Yep.. Same thing here.. But I didn't worry about it, since I never use those
    elements anyway..
    But yes, that's what I get too..
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    > Hi Max
    > I use Heavensat here , as recommended some time back by Greg...and I 
    > can't fault it.
    Has anyone else had difficulty with getting Heavensat to download TLEs from
    Spacetrack?  Or has something changed there?
    I am a very irregular user, but starting a few weeks ago every time I asked
    it to download new TLEs from ST I get a "Can't read from inflate
    stream: incorrect header check" error.  Downloads from the other two options
    seem to work.
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