Re: SATOBS ML (4353), 4 May 2011 (Pt. I): 4th May obs of 3 May UNID II

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Thu May 05 2011 - 15:29:26 UTC

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    Op 5-5-2011 16:45, Ted Molczan schreef:
    > Using Marco's new observations of his 2nd UNID of May 03, and starting with Mike McCants' estimated elements, and
    > holding only eccentricity constant, I obtain:
    > 1 99992U 11623A   11124.48091999  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    02
    > 2 99992   0.3731  81.8331 0003453 232.1100 127.2612  0.99844638    04
    > It was at 46.1 E, drifting west 1.54 deg/d.
    > The orbit is close in inclination and plane to that of India's GSat 2 (03018A / 27807). According to the latest TLE on
    > Space Track (epoch 11122.898), it was synchronous at 48 E, so perhaps it is being moved. Greg Roberts has reported
    > 03018A several times, with brightness ranging between mag 9 and 11.
    There is no object on my May 3 images at the predicted position of 03-018A (Gsat 
    2), so Ted could very well be correct (always difficult to tell if absence is 
    real, as it can also be that an object is beyond my detection limit. Eutelsat 
    W48 is clearly visible just northeast of the position though on my images, and 
    so is Syracuse 3A to the west of it).
    I hope the other UNID can be recovered as well (Greg?). I have a feeling that 
    particular one is probably PAN (09-047A) relocating: if someone (Greg?) could 
    check the original PAN position and confirm it is no longer there near Yamal 
    202, as well as trying to recover that UNID, that would be very welcome.
    Sky has thick cirrus here now, so I'll probably be out of the game this evening.
    - Marco
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