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Date: Mon May 02 2011 - 08:40:17 UTC

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    Hi Max
    I use Heavensat here , as recommended some time back by Greg...and I can't 
    fault it.
    In addition however and especially of use to European satellite viewers
    PlanePlotter software should be 
    considered as it now has the facility to track satellites and aircraft 
    across a starfield in your local sky view , using the MySky feature.
    Why  track a/c?
    Well many sky imagers are also interested in aircraft and with this 
    combination , when that annoying a/c trail appears in your time lapse 
    exposures , you'll be able to identify the culprit !
    You can also set up your exposure  knowing  your local sky is , for the next 
    few minutes free from air traffic
    Of course the reverse applies , when watching an a/c and a satellite 
    suddenly catches your eye , you'll now be able to identify the bird.
    The only thing it doesnt do track Chinese lanterns :O)
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    > Dear List,
    > Is there any software or web-service which can output a sky chart 
    > indicating the positions of all satellites in the FOV of any given 
    > observing location at any given moment?
    > M.
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