X-37B flare?

From: William Chellis (wmchellis@gmail.com)
Date: Mon May 31 2010 - 05:53:40 UTC

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    hi all,
    sort of new here, but I have watched sats for many moons.
    Made a point to get out and see the for the x-37b for the first time tonight.
    Took my cue from HA... Thanks Chris.
    At the correct time, I had a little
    trouble finding it, that is until it flared up nice and bright for
    about 3 seconds. Mag -2 or so. Real bright, and dim, then gone.
    I lost it for about 20 seconds or so, and caught it again, much
    dimmer, mag 4 or so, before it crossed into shadow on Leo.
    Has anyone else seen this object flare?
    Having seen the ISS flare before, I would say that this flare was
    different in terms of color. White blue, not orange yellow.
    I haven't yet figured out the report formats I often see posted here,
    but I am including the HA link for my sighting.
    here is a link to the details of the pass I observed.
    -Bill Chellis
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