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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Sun May 30 2010 - 20:40:24 UTC

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    I may get more practice.. Or I might not..
    I leave for Porterville tomorrow at 7 AM.. All packed with binocs, ST80 on
    EQ mount, full array of video equipment, etc. (Way more than I might need,
    as is my style)..
    Of course the boss man just told me I may have to work 10 hour days and that
    the superintendent is going to want to know why there is only two of us..
    I HATE jobs like this. I'm a 25 year + Carpenter who has a tough time
    completing an 8 hour day. If I have to work 10's, I may only work and
    We shall see.. I am prepared for high precision video or binoc / stopwatch
    observations.. You guys will be the first to know!
    PS.. Oh yes.. I am taking some tools as well.. :-))
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    36514 10 015A   9633 P 20100530022243370 37 25 0852069+424671 59 S+035 10
    36514 10 015A   9633 P 20100530022332160 37 25 1233893+695192 67 S+030 10
    Notes: Appears to be running 1.5s late and 12' W crosstrack on 1049 elsets.
    (if west is below elset path at this locale). Attempted the NOSS 7's but
    murky skies still prevail here.
    Had to Laugh at Derek's comments on binoculars ;-)  I am also trying out
    some 20x80's and they take some getting used to.  I see many more "strays"
    than with the scope.  (Focuser on scope broke, cheap plastic gears but it
    lasted over 15 yrs). I just recieved a focuser I ordered with a two inch
    barrel and adapter for my 1.25 eyepieces, all metal. Hope to increase the
    scopes FOV with some new eyepieces.
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