satellite size ,DSLR imaging question etc

From: ykchia (
Date: Sun May 30 2010 - 10:59:19 UTC

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    Hi sat imagers and folks:
      Would like to know what will be the image size / resolution of a prime 
    focus eg. C8 with a DSLR on target like ISS, HST, Spaceshuttle?  Is 
    prime focus set up adequate to resolve the structure with out using EP 
    projection?  What will be the optimum combinations?   Also formulae for 
    these calcuation will be useful .
      Will attaching a video better@prime focus ends? 
       The assumption is nontracking mode- wait and catch mode,  using the 
    latest TLEs.
       Appreciate also a link to a utility that compute phase angle and  range.
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