Re: ISS flyby of Jupiter in broad daylight

From: Greg Williams (
Date: Sun May 30 2010 - 01:34:30 UTC

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    I sent it to Fark and they greenlit the link, so if you wonder where  
    the 2500+ hits came from, here you go:
    Phil "Bad Astronomer" Plait took notice as well. Wouldn't surprise me  
    if he posts it as well.
    I can't even begin to imagine the complexity of getting just this one  
    perfect shot. Considering Jupiter's position in the sky and a the  
    ISS's dynamic change in position, I'm sure this wasn't an easy thing  
    to accomplish by any stretch.
    One thing I have to ask is how the double image of the ISS was  
    attained. Was it just leaving the shutter open for a second and the  
    ISS took up two positions on the exposure?
    Now, about Pluto...........
    Greg Williams
    On May 29, 2010, at 4:48 PM, Walter Nissen wrote:
    > Hi , all ,
    > Anthony Ayiomamitis ,
    > Your image with Jupiter is spectacular .  Congratulations .
    > This evening a path where the X-37B will occult Saturn an hour
    > and a half after Sunset at an altitude of 47 degrees will pass
    > not far from me .
    > I estimate that at least 90 % of such opportunities are lost
    > because the proper technology has not yet been deployed .
    > What is needed is a narrowcasting service using e-mail or
    > texting to notify potential observers .
    > The notifications need to be carefully crafted .
    > Many observers will need more than one notification .
    > By e-mail , the subject line can be exploited to make the
    > message clearer , by , e.g. , giving objects , the time and
    > the distance :  X-37B Saturn 5h 11km .
    > A link should be provided to the path plotted on google
    > Earth , or similar .
    > Also to the best available weather forecast .
    > Maybe also to a reminder service for temporal customization .
    > Thomas Fly made some steps in this direction ,
    > Cheers ,
    > Walter
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