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Date: Sat May 29 2010 - 21:20:50 UTC

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    Everyone could just use Heavensat which easily predicts such transits, as
    well as close approaches to bright stars, and intersecting satellite passes,
    and it is all personally customizable to suit your equipment..
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    Hi , all ,
    Anthony Ayiomamitis ,
    Your image with Jupiter is spectacular .  Congratulations .
    This evening a path where the X-37B will occult Saturn an hour and a half
    after Sunset at an altitude of 47 degrees will pass not far from me .
    I estimate that at least 90 % of such opportunities are lost because the
    proper technology has not yet been deployed . What is needed is a
    narrowcasting service using e-mail or texting to notify potential observers
    . The notifications need to be carefully crafted . Many observers will need
    more than one notification . By e-mail , the subject line can be exploited
    to make the message clearer , by , e.g. , giving objects , the time and the
    distance :  X-37B Saturn 5h 11km . A link should be provided to the path
    plotted on google Earth , or similar . Also to the best available weather
    forecast . Maybe also to a reminder service for temporal customization .
    Thomas Fly made some steps in this direction ,
    Cheers ,
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