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Date: Fri May 28 2010 - 00:30:12 UTC

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    A Question... Are Binocular observations of this object still needed??
    All my video equipment and such is packed for my (delayed) trip to
    Porterville.. I will have clear weather this weekend and (if I have passes)
    can observe it with binocs, then get some exact points next week..
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    Subject: Updated X-37B OTV-1 elements
    Tim Luton, Mike McCants, Jim Nix, Brad Young, and I, contributed
    observations used to determine the following element set: 
    OTV-1                                                    405 X 418 km
    1 36514U 10015A   10147.12961170  .00000469  00000-0  73607-5 0    06
    2 36514  39.9921 146.5125 0009492 239.0914 120.8964 15.52672295    04
    Arc 20100521.36-0527.14 WRMS resid 0.039 totl 0.013 xtrk
    Observations last night, revealed the object running more than 3 s late and
    somewhat off-track, relative the epoch 10143.4 elements, probably due to a
    small reboost manoeuvre to counteract drag. I am uncertain of the time of
    the manoeuvre, but it may have occurred between Greg Roberts' observation on
    May 20 UTC and Tim and my observations on May 21 UTC; therefore, the arc of
    the above analysis begins May 21.
    Reboost manoeuvres against drag were expected. Additional observation and
    analysis will reveal whether they are infrequent and relatively large, or
    frequent and small; if the latter, then we may be able to set the rate of
    decay to zero, and compute a long-term average mean-motion, which would
    simplify prediction over long periods.
    The object has entered evening visibility over northern latitudes; I hope to
    observe it tonight.
    Ted Molczan
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