Unidentified satellites over Sligo,Ireland.

From: Gerard (gerardscott@eircom.net)
Date: Wed May 26 2010 - 21:26:08 UTC

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    Can anybody identify the following unusual objects seen from Sligo, Ireland.
    Location 54.2670N, 8.4830W. 
    Time and Date: Tuesday May 25, 2230 UTC.
    Over a period of about 6 minutes from 2230 UTC a total of 3 objects were observed in the night sky, they originated over the North East horizon and described a path that took them practically directly over the observers location and then disappeared towards the South West horizon. Each of the objects appeared in succession and the paths of all of them were approximately the same. The path of the initial object was slightly more to the east of the other two. Initially I thought the objects were a Search and Rescue helicopter with its searchlight on, they were that bright !. However there was no sound at all at any time so this was ruled out. The objects gave off a very bright light. several magnitudes greater than the ISS which I have observed on several occasions. Also the light was considerably larger in size and had an orange/red hue. They were easily visible to the naked eye. Through binoculars other smaller white lights could also be seen. The objects were point light sources with no trail.
    The weather conditions on the night were very good with a relatively clear sky and little wind with about 10% cloud cover that was mainly a wispy type of cloud. When the objects were overhead their intensity decreased at times but this appeared to be mainly due to their being above the cloud cover. Their speed was about that of the ISS from horizon to horizon. There is no mention of these objects on heavens-above.com.
    I am pretty sure they were not aircraft of any sort as there was no sound and the path was very like that of other satellites I have observed from time to time. 
    Gerard Scott
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