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Date: Wed May 26 2010 - 17:32:45 UTC

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    	Yes, I have the Night Owl NOCX3.  I can see faint stars no
    better than binos but the field is much wider.  But the optical quality
    is abysmal to say the least.  On axis, stars are bloated.  Off axis,
    just terrible.  Mostly it's good for looking at raccoons.
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    > All 3 satellites were moving in another direction from each other, 
    > they must have crossed approximately the same point. (so not a NOSS 
    > trio or so which I observed often and which move in the same 
    > direction. These phenomena really give you the impression how much 
    > satellites are really out there, orbiting the Earth.
    That must have been an impressive sight! It reminds me of something I've
    been meaning to ask here now that I'm back in the hobby. Some time ago I
    was in an extremely light polluted location with a set of AN/PVS7 3rd
    generation binocular night vision goggles to play with.  The first thing
    I did of course, being a visual satellite observer, was look up at the
    night sky.  To my amazement I saw three satellites simultaneously in the
    extremely wide field of view of the NVGs.  Two eventually crossed orbits
    and the third was a very bright (through the NVGs) flasher with a
    flashing sequence that repeated every few seconds.  At various points in
    their transit I took off the NVGs and could see absolutely nothing of
    the satellites or even most of the stars that were so easily visible
    through the NVGs.
    Since 3rd generation NVGs are extremely expensive and the lower
    resolution 1st generation devices of the kind I've never used are
    reasonably priced, I'm wondering what results anyone here has had using
    1st generation night vision devices for casual (i.e., not necessarily
    orbit determination) satellite obs.
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