Fw: Heavensat 2.3.0

From: Greg Roberts (grr@telkomsa.net)
Date: Wed May 26 2010 - 06:18:05 UTC

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    Sorry I made a typing error in my item just sent to SeeSat.
    Of course the program is HEAVENSAT.
    I attach the "press" release from the author. It will not be found yet on 
    the usual download page but the URL given below will get it for you. Please 
    note that when you unzip the file make sure the four new files go into the 
    correct sub-directories, otherwise the program will crash as it will still 
    read the older files.
    Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2010 10:02 PM
    Subject: Heavensat 2.3.0
    Hi All.
    There is a new version of Heavensat available.
    I tried to implement as many suggestions as possible.
    Here is list of changes since version 2.1.9.
    I hope I have missed nothing.
    1. IOD observations import and plot on sky, chart.
    Loading IOD measurements is available from Sky/chart menu -> optical 
    User can import measurements from file or manually add lines from edit box, 
    (RA/Dec only).
    File STATIONS.IN should be in Data folder.
    Once measurements are loaded, user must press Ok or Apply to fix changes.
    By default measurements are shown as yellow points.
    Selected measurements are groups by object/station criteria and shown as 
    green points.
    2. New task – intersections.
    Task look for intersections between satellite trajectory and stars pairs.
    Task setup description:
    Setup options are almost the same as “stars approaches” task.
    Duration – search duration.
    Distance – Maximal angular distance between stars in pair. I fixed maximum 
    value as 30 degrees, but if user inputs specific stars, this option will not 
    be active.
    Cross el. – cutoff by elevation of satellite at point of intersections.
    Star mag. – cutoff star pairs by magnitude, this option will not be active 
    if specific stars are set.
    Sat. mag. – cutoff by satellite magnitude at point of intersection.
    Parts ratio – value between 0 and 1. 1 means that satellite intersects 
    strictly in middle of pair.
    0 means that satellite may touch any of stars in pair.
    Pair mag. difference – cutoff pairs by magnitude difference between stars. 
    This option will not be active if specific stars are set.
    Crossing angle – angle between satellite trajectory and stars pair. Value 
    between 0 and 90.
    3. Added time window filter for every task.
    When filter is active, task will shown only those results that lays in user 
    time interval. As example : 13:00:00 – 14:00:00, or simply 13-14
    4. In bottom status line, that shows various data for selection satellite 
    RA, Dec coordinates are added.
    5. Earth tab has three new tabs in addition to “common”.
         1. Mirrors tab. This panel shows status for satellite mirrors, if they 
             Also flares are plotted on earth map as white lines, with white 
    point at center of flare.
             Mirrors can be modified for any satellite except Iridiums, by 
    invoking popup menu on     satellite.
         2.  Frequencies panels calculates doppler shifts if frequencies for 
    satellite exist. Frequencies, as mirrors, can be modified by invoking 
    corresponding popup menu on satellite.
         3. Sun and moon info panel.
    6. Twilight level setup for daylight terminator line on Earth tab.
        Twilight level is available from options dialog, earth tab.
    7. Satellites in shadow are shown as blue on earth tab.
    8. Added Orbit evolution dialog, that graphs evolution of orbit parameters 
    from multiple TLEs of one satellite.
       This dialog is available in popup menu, by clicking selected sat.
    9. Added options to remove green box around selected sat.
    10. Fixed bug, when eyepieces values failed to saves as float, only integer 
    If any of you will find bugs, strange behavior or translation mistakes, 
    please let me know.
    Here is link to patch above version 2.1.9 or higher.
    To install it just overwrite old files by new in archive.
    Best regards,
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