Re: Two naked eye flaring geosats observed

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun May 23 2010 - 14:33:57 UTC

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    --- On Sun, 5/23/10, Marco Langbroek <> wrote:
    > It turns out to be Milstar 5 (2001-001A)
    Thanks for the report, great to hear.
    I have observed milstar 1 and 6 both flare up, for a few years, so I am not suprised milstar 5 is flaring also.
    Keep an eye on Galaxy 11 ( 26038 ) as the following was sent to me.
    He wrote
    I want to share with you that Galaxy 11 was flaring for observers at
    European Russia region in july every night around 01:45am local
    time (UTC+4). It reached 3.5 mag at flare max. And hour later was
    second dimmer flare at about 7m mag.
    I captured one flare on camera 
    Nice to see, others seeing the flare from it, like I use to, until they moved it to, a new orbital slot.
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