Re: X-37B OTV-1 Found in Orbit

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun May 23 2010 - 13:09:45 UTC

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    --- On Sun, 5/23/10, Greg Roberts <> wrote:
    > What is truly remarkable was that it was found
    > independently by accident and 
    > deliberate search on the same day - that wont happen very
    > often!
    The ironic thing, is I had started to track Satcom C4, but switched to Nstar A, because Satcom C4 would have been blocked by the house during the night.
    So if I had chosen, another flashing geo sat, instead of Nstar A, I wouldn't have had the X-37 pass by, in the feild of view by accident.
    Never know, what will happen, when I am sat observing.
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