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From: Ralf Vandebergh (
Date: Fri May 21 2010 - 21:13:36 UTC

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    A great observing evening yesterday (May 21) with shortly after
    each other 2 amazing binocular sightings. I was out visual observing
    for a 63 WSW culm. Terra pass. I knew I had observed a great flare of
    Terra before with such a comparable pass. And yes, indeed, it flared
    again very bright about -2 / -3. It's always when Terra ascents from 
    the South from here, instead from more SE as most of its passes.
    This was not all; Terra was caught up in the same field of view
    by Yaogan 6 LM Rocket in a lower orbit, an amazing view, as it passed
    in exactly the same direction. It looked like a tandem, with different
    speeds of both components.
    A few minutes later, I pointed the 7x50 binocular at a satellite moving
    into the south. The reference star I looked at in the field of view
    appeared to be another satellite, so I looked for another reference
    star to determine the speed of both satellites. This new reference star
    appeared to be a satellite too! as I pointed out when seeing some real reference
    stars finally. All 3 satellites were moving in another direction from each other, 
    they must have crossed approximately the same point. (so not a NOSS trio or
    so which I observed often and which move in the same direction. These
    phenomena really give you the impression how much satellites are really
    out there, orbiting the Earth.
    But next time when Terra ascents from the south with a WSW culmination pass,
    I will be at the telescope to get finally some images of that flare!
    Ralf Vandebergh
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