re: Chaotic space traffic needs rules, less secrecy: US general

From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Wed May 19 2010 - 19:58:17 UTC

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    Hi , all ,
    Ted wrote that Kevin's post was on-topic .
    I write to point out that Ted's was an understatement , to say
    the least , and to urge you to consider reading Kevin's link .
    The issues raised in remarks by the Vice Chairman of the Joint
    Chiefs , arguably the second most powerful man in the world ,
    are very closely related to core issues of SeeSat-L , per se ,
    and satellite observing .
    I find that Kevin's link works and so does :
    I think many readers of SeeSat-L will also want to read :
    where Gen. Cartwright is quoted further .
    There's been a long-running discussion about what should be kept
    secret and not , almost certainly mostly unseen in the black .
    A legal change resulted in
    1 ) the creation of which discloses , in an
    efficient way , 76 M elsets , and holds others back ; and
    2 ) also restricts what is posted on SeeSat-L , although its
    restrictions on free speech are probably illegal , roughly
    because the advantages of secrecy do not clearly outweigh
    disadvantages such as those cited by Gen. Cartwright .
    Even within the military context alone , what is involved is
    a trade-off of essential interests .
    This topic might evolve into something which might be more
    appropriate for the late UseSat-L .
    I don't look forward to dozens of increasingly philosophical
    posts in this thread , nor do I welcome pressure on essential
    national security interests , but I can imagine that a few
    well-written posts might serve communications within our
    community about this essential topic .
    Cheers ,
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