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    Thanks to both of you!
    I also make a lot of 3D still pairs, but I do not have a site dedicated to it, nor 
    When I add some explanations, I also include the tip to use the tip(!) of a pencil
    -or even a finger- somewhere between the images and your eyes.
    Point near the lower (or upper) edge of the images.
    Move it closer/further until you see "two tips" pointing at the corresponding points in 
    the two images, then look at the tip.
    Or watch the tip while moving it until it is pointing to the "fused middle image".
    Then remove your pointing aid quickly while focusing on the image.
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    > Thanks George for sharing the stereo movie. I've made still 3D images from videos of 
    > moving celestial objects in which there is a lateral disparity between successive frames 
    > but I've never seen the movie itself made into 3D. Nice! That manipulator arm and the 
    > solar panels really stick out. The 3D technique is simple but the quality of the 
    > tracking is spectacular. I'd say the photographer must have played a lot of video games 
    > to be able to use a double joystick that well!
    > To see the 3D effect exaggerated, say, 1,000 times, our eyes would need to be 1,000 
    > times farther apart than they really are. That would make each of us a [very] tall 
    > giant. The effect shown in the movie is hyperstereo, which is a giant's perspective.
    > I teach the how-to about cross-eyed stereofusion at the following website, in case 
    > anyone's interested. See: 
    > Also, some of my satellite related stereo graphics:
    > Tom  Iowa  USA
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