Re: Video of Unid satellite ?"

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Date: Tue May 18 2010 - 07:56:13 UTC

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    Very useful technique!
    What conversion tool(s) do you use?
    /Björn Gimle
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    > Kevin, I can't find any satellite from and Mike
    > McCants web-site too. But in your video there are 4 satellites (I
    > think) -- Unid and three geosynchronous satellite (see:
    > This image was obtained by next way: I converted initial
    > "MAY17unid.wmv" into AVI-file, then I ude Registax software for
    > summing each frame to take into account stars moving during all video
    > (i.e. each star in each frame was summed by itself in onother frames)
    > -- 1617 frames were summed. In this case any object, that has angular
    > velosity not equal of stars one, will be represented as track -- you
    > can see the long track of Unid, and 3 small tracks of some objects.
    > They may be an "hot" pixels of your kamera, but its low intensity is
    > not typical for "hot" pixels. Maybe this 3 tracks -- unknown
    > geosynchronous satellite. To check the camera on "hot" pixels in this
    > three points of CCD is very simple -- by increasing exposure time up
    > to 1-2 seconds with closed lens. If you will see bright "hot" pixels
    > in this point, that short tracks are not satellites.
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