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Date: Sun May 16 2010 - 05:58:59 UTC

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    It's the little things in life.. 
    I have a weird one, in addition to the Deer and Turkeys and redtails and
    such.. Three frogs croaking loudly in the "kiddie pool" in my driveway..
    Derek - Morgan Hill, CA
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    A little more than two hours ago, just after sunset, the air was totally
    still and the sky was clear. At 8:47 PM we spotted the bright dot of the
    shuttle moving diagonally from the NW to the SE. It reached a high point of
    79 degrees. It's orbit (above sea level) at that time was only about 2/3 as
    high as the ISS. For that reason (I suppose) it appeared to be moving way
    faster than I've ever seen a satellite go before! Quite an impressive sight.
    As I turned to walk back into the house, I noticed a beautiful crescent moon
    and Venus perfectly positioned in a divide between the silhouetted trees.
    What a bonus that was! As I photographed that, bats constantly cut through
    the picture area. Then, suddenly, I heard the sweet call of a Wood Thrush
    nearby. Nice. Minutes later, as I struggled to use my cell phone to
    illuminate the settings on my camera a Whippoorwill began to call out time
    and time again, as they always do. But here in town? In Waterloo, Iowa? No
    way!! I've never heard one any where near my place before.      
    What a special night this was.
    Clear skies!
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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