RE: Topex tumbling observation?

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Tue May 04 2010 - 16:01:25 UTC

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    Ralf Vandebergh
    > I observed on April 21 a high satellite with unregular tumbling
    > (7x50 bino) it moved SW-NE in direction of Alkaid (Eta)Ursae Majoris.
    > Listed up to mag 6 with this direction and that time was only
    > oceanograhic sat Topex from 1992. I'm aware that it stopped 
    > functioning in 2006. Is there any data available to witness
    > its tumbling?
    Several observers have reported Topex (92052A / 22076) tumbling, over the past
    few years. In recent months, its typical period of variation has been about 18
    Ted Molczan
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