RE: Dr. Thomas Van Flandern, satellite record holder

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sun May 31 2009 - 22:39:12 UTC

Jason Glydewell wrote:

> Dale, you sparked my curiosity and got me wondering just how 
> many satellites Tom Van Flandern could have tracked during 
> that month in 1959.  I set out on a research mission but 
> couldn't find any specific data on that record month or even 
> which month it was in 1959.  According to my best estimate, 
> there were no more than 23 satellites in orbit at any given 
> time that year. It must have been quite a task, especially 
> without Heavensat :)
> Does anyone have any specific information on Tom Van 
> Flandern's record month of tracking?  I'm curious to know more.

Keep Watching the Skies!, historian W. Patrick McCray's story of Operation
Moonwatch, describes how Van Flandern co-founded the Moonwatch site in
Cleveland, Ohio. I reviewed the book for SeeSat-L last year:

He subsequently re-located to Cincinnati, Ohio, where the obituary URL posted by
Dale (see below) states that the record was set:

A quick search of the web did not turn up any details of the record.

Ted Molczan

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