Re: "Hey Look! That's one of Kevin's satellites!"

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri May 29 2009 - 06:10:19 UTC

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    --- On Fri, 5/29/09, Derek C Breit <> wrote:
    > > I have it on tape and will get it posted this weekend, but
    > it was roughly
    > 5:10 UT on 5/29 drifting right across M44 as I tracked the
    > stars.. I then
    > switched off the drive to make a "pretty" video and noticed
    > the sat is
    > drifting West, i.e. the same direction the stars were
    > drifting, but slower
    > than the stars..
    Oh darn, I thought you were talking about a APT, he he he :)
    There fun to watch zip by.
    Only thing I get in the area, at that time is a H2A rocket, catalog number 27369. It was over 36000 km away at the time.
    > Now I know what Kevin sees in the "Flashers".. 
    Now he understand's, why I like observing them alot :)
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