"Hey Look! That's one of Kevin's satellites!"

From: Derek C Breit (breit_ideas@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri May 29 2009 - 05:45:29 UTC

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    Well.. Tonight I had another *better* pass of 35011.. Mag 1 rapid tumbling
    LEO.. Very LEO.. Great Satellite for he Mark 1 Eyeball.. You should look for
    this one..
    After timing a couple of bright star lunar occultations in Cancer, with my
    Wifey who is "a Cancer", I decided to show her a quick look at M44.. FLASH..
    "What the ??" "OH! So *THAT'S* a flashing GEO!"
    I have it on tape and will get it posted this weekend, but it was roughly
    5:10 UT on 5/29 drifting right across M44 as I tracked the stars.. I then
    switched off the drive to make a "pretty" video and noticed the sat is
    drifting West, i.e. the same direction the stars were drifting, but slower
    than the stars..
    Now I know what Kevin sees in the "Flashers".. (even if I don't know what
    satellite that was..)
     PS... I cannot decipher the direct email I was sent from a group member. I
    will try to make sense of it this weekend..
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