ISS Flare, A Screaming LEO, and a Question..

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 11:59:37 UTC

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    Around 9:08 PM PDT.. a nice mag -3 Iridium Flare..
    At 9:16 PM PDT some really bright satellite (mag 1.5 ish) went very near
    Arcturus (moving from the SW to the NE) as seen from Morgan Hill.. Wonder
    which one?? (Long story as to why I can't ID it myself..)
    Saw a mag -8 (at least) flare from the ISS shortly before shadow entry on a
    70 degree pass from the NW to the SE at ~ 9:28 PM PDT.. Flare was blue
    (again) and at about 40 degrees elevation..
    Also saw a screaming #35011 from 199km. It was blinking alot like Iridium
    33, though slightly more randomly.. Flashes were to mag 1.. About 9:37 PM
    All in all.. A very Good time for the walking of the dogs..
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