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Date: Fri May 22 2009 - 18:11:51 UTC

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    Hi all:
    I find various programs have certain features that  really fit my needs, 
    but no one program I've tried has all of them in a way that  I'd find optimal. 
     If only I could easily create a "Frankenstein" program  with parts from 
    each !  My satellite observing is done with  binoculars/telescope/stopwatch.  
    For any given night it's rather  selective--3 to 10 or so targets.  I've 
    basically followed the methods  described by Ted Molczan in his ObsReduce 
    manual as the "sketch-free  method."--
    "I use ObsReduce in conjunction with  an ephemeris generator to determine 
    where I will intercept each satellite. I use  the ephemeris generator to find 
    satellite passes suitable for observing. I use  ObsReduce to simulate each 
    pass, looking for the earliest suitable reference  star(s) at which point I 
    will intercept the satellite, and begin tracking.  
    This method almost guarantees me at least one useful observation, and it  
    frees me from having to stop and sketch any of the subsequent reference  
    stars...prediction of that first position, which is key to making the method  
    I think I mentioned it to Ted, but, I'd find it very  convenient if 
    ObsReduce allowed for copying the predicted path chart directly to  the "clipboard" 
    for insertion in the Word document I prepare as nightly charts  for use at 
    the telescope.  When needed I simply hand draw the pattern next  to a finder 
    chart generated by a planetarium/satellite capable program, but I  really 
    sort of like the selectivity, speed and display of star patterns  ObsReduce 
    produces.  It's no big deal, but I'd find it really  helpful.  
    Peter Gertson
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