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Date: Fri May 22 2009 - 16:19:07 UTC

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    There is something else you can do that doesn't get what you asked for but might 
    give you what you need.
    Go to the calculations tab.  You can select "all" satellites if you want.  On 
    the left side there is a choice "sat mag <".  Put your maximum magnitude here. 
    e.g. 4 will give you only very bright satellites.  Setup the dates and duration, 
    sort by rise time.  click 'begin' button.
    You might want to click 'clear' on right edge before clicking begin.  Now double 
    click one of the satellites in the red-on-black list of passes and it jumps you 
    to the 'sky' tab with the satelltie path highlighted.  Click on the double right 
    arrow to skip forward a minute and you can now hit play and watch that 
    satellite.  Try going to the "chart" mode at this time and use the "time slider" 
    feature to easily see with sats are LEO, MEO, GEO.  Go back to calculations to 
    select the next sat.
    If you only care about GEO and want brighter than a certain magnitude, then 
    instead you should use Greg's method but this requires knowledge of which are 
    the "brighter" sats.
    - George Roberts
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    > Hi Jason
    > Im not sure that we can do exactly what you want but have you tried the USER 
    > LIST option? This will only predict the satellites in the USER LIST      BUT 
    > it also will display any other satellite visible...
    > Briefly this is what to do:
    > Click on HEAVENSAT icon to start program.
    > Click  SELECT will load "Satellite Bases" screen
    > Choose the element set you want to use - all the satellites will then be shown 
    > in the center column "All Satellites"
    > Right click on a satellite wanted - small window appears - left click on the 
    > Add to "User list" option
    > Do this for all the satellites wanted, then go to the APPLY -bottom of right 
    > hand side of screen, click on it and then click on OK and taken back to the 
    > main screen again.
    > The SATELLITE SOURCES will now be shown as USER LIST
    > Do your usual prediction set up and only the passes of satellites in the USER 
    > LIST will be shown.
    > I assume you know the rest -  click on the satellite you want, set field of 
    > view, etc and click on the LOCK symbol and then either set the program to 
    > "real time" and then advance at real time rate and follow the satellite across 
    > the sky, but at the same time all the other non predicted satellites will also 
    > be shown-which is probably what you dont want - I prefer to have this as I can 
    > then see what other satellites will cross the field of view of the satellite I 
    > am following. I assume you also know how to use the TIME SLIDE option which 
    > enables you to rapidly see what will happen during the pass well in advance of 
    > the actual event and you can then look for suitable reference stars, satellite 
    > cross overs etc.
    > However if you only want to show the satellites you are interested in I think 
    > your only option is to edit the satellite database and remove all the 
    > satellites you dont want.
    > Hope this is clear. The author of the program reads this list so if I have 
    > said anything wrong , or there is a better way, then Im sure he will contact 
    > myself, or you, and put us on the "straight and narrow".
    > Cheers
    > Greg
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    > Subject: Re: Heavensat Question
    >> Here is what I would like to do with Heavensat (as I have been doing with 
    >> Orbitron):
    >> 1. Select all the .txt files from Celestrak for my Satellite Source
    >> 2. In the Calculations tab, run a Passes prediction for the evening according 
    >> to my specs (min magnitude, elevations, etc.) The screen then shows me a list 
    >> of sats I want to try to spot.
    >> Here is what I can't figure out:
    >> 3. I then want to click on the Chart tab to show, in real time, ONLY the 
    >> satellites from my Pass Predictions list under the Calculations tab.
    >> As I can tell right now, the Chart is showing me ALL the sats from the 
    >> original Satellite Source, including the sats which I won't be able to see 
    >> because of their very very dim magnitudes.  I want to exclude the sats that I 
    >> can't see and have the Chart show ONLY the sats from my Pass Predictions 
    >> list.
    >> In Orbitron this can be achieved by right clicking on the sat list and 
    >> selecting Track > Only > Prediction Results.
    >> Is it possible to do this in Heavensat?
    >> Thanks
    >> Jason Glydewell
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