Minotaur-1 launch from Wallops Island

From: Kurt (asearcher41@comcast.net)
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 23:01:55 UTC

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    My observations of this launch were from the east side of Richmond VA and
    the conditions were perfect. I sighted the rocket at tree top level of less
    than 10 degrees and was following in 20x80 bino's. The video does not show
    the magenta color of the booster that I observed. Think the color of a road
    flare!  Staging was easy to see and the transition of the rocket plume to a
    vacuum state plume was interesting. A strong pitch over maneuver was made
    during assent from my angle of viewing and the exhaust was essentially aimed
    back toward Richmond VA after this attitude change. The sky show of the
    contrail was very nice and it grew to a quite extensive size here due to the
    drift toward Richmond. I do not have pictures of the powered flight due to
    preferring the live view but do have many of the still illuminated contrail
    after sundown.  Sorry I can't put the picture as an attachment.  This link
    may work.
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