Re: Observation of last night's Minotaur-1 rocket

From: Monroe Harden (
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 18:56:08 UTC

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    Joe Rao wrote:
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    >Subject: Observation of last night's Minotaur-1 rocket
    >The E-Mail below is being forwarded from Sky  & Telescope columnist, Fred
    >Schaaf, concerning visibility of last night's  Minotaur-1 launch from Wallops
    >Island, Virginia.  It is followed up by a  response from me, indicating
    >that neither myself or John Bortle (an assiduous  sky observer) saw any sign of
    >the launch from where we were located in the  Hudson Valley of New York
    I saw the launch (barely) from my home near the northern end of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  The trail was very faint, but with my birding scope I could pick out the bright orange "star" as it rose in the southeastern sky.  I tried to snap some photos but did not get anything useable.  
    I was hoping that this would be as dramatic as the dawn launch a couple of years ago, but sadly it wasn't.  
    Monroe Harden
    Havre de Grace, MD, USA
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