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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue May 19 2009 - 05:45:16 UTC

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    Morning Gerhard ( and other readers)
    Ive downloaded the two images and had a quick look - after doing some light 
    image processing on the first image- it was too dark- there are an enormous 
    number of stars and Lacrosse 4 is much easier to spot. I will have a good look 
    at it a little later today-first have some domestic chores to attend to -and 
    give a full report.
    My first impression is that I envy you:
    (1) your camera
    (2) your dark sky
    I am confident that the camera will adequately perform on most LEO satellites- 
    and on most geosats. With LEO sats you will have problems re the time of the 
    image as ideally to 0.1 seconds is required - Marco achieves this with his 
    digital camera so is the man to approach re this aspect. On geosats 1 second 
    accuracy is adequate and this should be no problem for you - but depends on how 
    and where you get your time from .
    When I give my report on your image Ill also give you a list of geosats to try 
    that are easy and also some other suggestions- I am confident that we can soon 
    have you producing very useful positional observations and help spread the load 
    of being a southern hemisphere observer!
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