Re: UNID or not? 11 May 2009

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Thu May 14 2009 - 00:40:40 UTC

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    Hi Marco,
    You wrote:
    2009/5/13 Marco Langbroek <>:
    > Hi all,
    > On the evening of May 11-12 I obtained a photograph of three objects closely
    > together: ISS, Meteor 1-4r (70-037B) and a third object with identification
    > problems.
    > It is a faint object with a trajectory paralell but somewhat ahead and south
    > of ISS.
    > The trail was captured only partly as one end exits the image border. The
    > one visible endpoint gives either (depending on unknown direction of travel
    > - it was not seen visually):
    > 91999 09 999A   4353 G 20090511215412300 17 75 1503070+193890 56 S+060 10
    > or:
    > 91999 09 999A   4353 G 20090511215422350 17 75 1503161+193890 56 S+060 10
    > The first line is valid when direction of travel is similar to the ISS (i.e,
    > moving parrallel and ahead of it).
    > I have one potential candidate but with a bad fit: Kosmos 546 (73-005A).
    > Direction of travel is okay, but it yields a large cross-track error (-0.14
    > degree) and large delta T -0.57s.
    I used your specified coordinates of the unknown object together with
    the specified time with the closest TLE's in time and found the same
    object as you found.
    I applied Guide 8 with your observing location and with my standard 7
    degrees field of few of my binoculars. It showed 73005A somewhat ahead
    and south of ISS's track.
    There were no other objects traveling in the same direction as ISS and
    73005A at that time at that specific location.
    While this way of working is not as accurate as your way I am
    convinced you found that old Kosmos.
    I saw it unintentionally two nights before.
    Bram Dorreman, with not so many clear nights as you experienced in
    Leiden the last week.
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