Re: Three high flying unknown objects

From: Rainer Kresken (
Date: Sun May 10 2009 - 08:24:29 UTC

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    Tom Wagner wrote:
    > At about 11:45 PM CDT tonight my son alerted me to come running outside. 
    > I looked straight up and saw three orange circular spots with a yellow 
    > center maybe/20th of a moon diameter in size. They had a magnitude 
    > typical of Jupiter. They were set apart in an equilateral triangle, 
    > about the distance of four spread fingers held at one arm length. They 
    > were moving from west to east at about the speed of high flying jets. 
    > There -was- a faint jet sound.
    > Obviously they were aircraft but were lit up, all over, like Christmas 
    > trees ornaments! Nothing like I have ever seen before. If anyone else 
    > saw them I would sure like to read about it. I ran back into the house 
    > to grab my binocs and video camera so I missed most of the show. They 
    > were visible till about 25 degrees up in the east at which point I think 
    > they went behind clouds and their sound quit.
    maybe it was something like this?
    These party lanterns are plaguing europe in these days...
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