ah there's where you give some bright flashes - Express 1

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 09:01:35 UTC

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    I had looked at Express 1 ( 23319 ) earlier, and didn't notice anything.
    I then looked at other stuff.
    I then went back to express 1, as just as I pointed where it was, it gave a mag 8 flash.
    Less then 5 minutes later, it flashed again.
    One flash occured around 8:56:11 UTC ( May 5 ). The lastest flash is fainter then the first one, I noticed. So I caught it, at the right time. 
    Not the best time, as the sky is getting brighter, as sunrise is a short time away.
    Now to find out the good are bad news, when I measure the time between flashes. It's good news if it takes less time, then when I observed it in 2007, are it's bad news if it takes more time since then. 
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