tips for amateurs.

Date: Mon May 04 2009 - 17:42:12 UTC

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    now for some humour and my lurking professional absolute amateur friends 
    out there. exludes the Mc Cants, Langbroek, any Roberts's etc.
    operation iss photgraphy.
    Do a dry run the night before and discover the exact spot.
    Fine so far ? right! set Canon 20d to manual focus., then focus 
    manually. do not attempt autofocus it does not work on the remote shutter.
    with full moon at 55 mm at (iso 100)  (F11) for 30 secs is fine.
    dressed warmly and waiting.
    ISS pitches up as heavensat predicted.
    flounders and dissapears before passing Sirius.
    yours truly mixed up his longitudes and latititudes up. wrong way round 
    on heavensat.
    ok back to drawing board. 
    you may laugh at my expense.
    Gerhard Groenewald
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