heavensat program download simplified

From: George Roberts (gr@gr5.org)
Date: Fri May 01 2009 - 14:46:10 UTC

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    Okay I'm a dope.  Since the whole installation thing was just unzipping zip 
    files I didn't think to just make a single zip file and simplify the whole 
    process.  I combined *all* the files I mentioned earlier into a single zip file 
    and even threw in Mike McCants classfd.tle from today and also setup several 
    parameters to the way Greg and Scott like it and I also set it to default to 
    english (french and russian modes also available).  I also set it up to default 
    to Boston area - sorry.  Even the manual and extra stars are all zipped up and 
    enabled and everything - nothing to configure to get extra stars.
    It's all here (14.4MB):
    - George Roberts
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