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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri May 01 2009 - 07:05:02 UTC

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    Morning all
    Thanks to George for making the HEAVENSAT files available.
    HEAVENSAT213.ZIP is complete but does not allow one to use the deeper sky 
    catalog which will get you to magnitude +12 stars. Also many improvements were 
    made in the later patches so I would advise one to install all the patches as 
    bugs are removed, more features made available etc. From what I read on a 
    Russian Satellite bulletin board last night it would seem the latest version is 
    The patches normally included bug fixes and extra features and in some cases 
    changed some of the supporting files- thats why it is necessary to install all 
    the patches. From what I recall the version of HEAVENSAT on the website is an 
    old version and a full later version has not yet been posted- anyway when last I 
    checked !
    The big star catalog going down to magnitude +12 is about 55 Mbytes in size - I 
    have proposed to George that I split this into about 10 bits and email them to 
    him later today... so waiting for his "OK" before I start sending.
    Now I must go and have my breakfast....
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