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From: George Roberts (gr@gr5.org)
Date: Fri May 01 2009 - 01:47:57 UTC

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    Because the heavensat website is currently down I am hosting the latest 
    heavensat files (thanks to Greg Roberts) until the heavensat website is back up. 
    Unfortunately  Greg only has the many small updates and not the absolute latest 
    full version so there is a lot to download if you want everything:
    I tested all these zip files and they all seem to work just fine:
    http://gr5.org/heavensat213.zip - 7.2MB this is the only file you absolutely 
    need - the rest is optional
    http://gr5.org/sky2000v2.zip - 5.83MB this brings dimmest stars from mag 6.5 to 
    around mag 10.0 (but you have to check a checkbox in options/stars also)
    http://gr5.org/heavensat214d_patch.zip - 1.7MB
    http://gr5.org/heavensat215a_patch.zip - 0.6MB
    http://gr5.org/heavensat215b_patch.zip  - 0.6MB
    http://gr5.org/manual.pdf - 0.8MB a manual but for an older version.  The 
    program is pretty obvious - not sure if manual is needed.
    Each patch is a bit of a pain - you have to unzip then drag the files into the 
    folders of the same names.  But it all works.  There is another zip file to get 
    even fainter stars but I don't know how to get this from Greg Roberts at this 
    time.  Maybe he'll post it to a website somewhere.
    Heavensat is a very slick windows program designed for satellite observers but a 
    great planetarium program also.
    - George Roberts
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