Sounds like a ISS water dump, are was it something else.

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu May 29 2008 - 11:59:23 UTC

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    On a different email list I am, someone posted the following.
    Last night (May 27th) Phil went out to watch the ISS on a pass beginning 21:50 PDT.  The maximum
    elevation was 21:53:30 near Polaris (59 degrees).  He was using binoculars at about 7x.
    The pass was in twilight.  The Sun was between 6 and 7 degrees down.  Sky conditions were clear
    with average transparency and seeing, winds calm.  
    As the ISS neared maximum elevation, a distinct "puff" of glowing material was emitted.  The cloud
    was seen to trail the ISS for a few seconds, falling behind.  Smaller discharges (if that's what
    they were) were observed for a few seconds after that.
    None of this would have been visible to the naked eye in his judgment.  He was unable to resolve
    the ISS at this magnfication.
    Phil alerted me and we both watched the next pass together with binoculars, observing nothing
    unusual.  Due to buildings, I could not follow ISS past zenith.
    Dan Collier
    Vancouver Centre
    Sounds like a water dump, are was it something else. They have dumped water before, during a test.
    Not aware of it, if they did dump water.
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