Estimated USA 186 elements

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Sat May 24 2008 - 17:41:43 UTC

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    I recently purchased an electronic level - Sears Craftsman
    item #00948295000 Mfr. model #48295.  This level is also
    a "tilt meter".  When I place it on top of my Dobsonian,
    it displays the altitude with an accuracy of 1/10 degree.
    Ed Cannon and I got our first chance this year to look for
    USA 186 last night at an altitude of 17 degrees in the north
    going down.  We did not see it at the predicted time, but
    I pointed the telescope lower and continued to look through
    my 3 inch finder telescope.  I spotted USA 186 just before it
    went into the trees and clicked my stopwatch.  The tilt meter
    said I was at altitude 13.3 degrees.  So this observation is
    just a guess.  USA 186 was approximately 56 seconds late.
    I was able to combine this with Alberto Rango's observation
    of 41 seconds late about 8 hours before my observation to
    generate the following estimated tle:
    USA 186                         
    1 28888U 05042A   08145.15813235 0.00007500  00000-0  69691-4 0    01
    2 28888  97.9436 207.5329 0546000 346.0378  13.9620 14.75626060    06
    Mike McCants
    Austin, TX
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