Re: ISS Pass over Knoxville, TN, made out arrays? Other sats, 2 unknowns

From: Jim (
Date: Thu May 22 2008 - 03:54:39 UTC

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    I happen to be in Knoxville this week and caught the evening pass on 
    Tuesday evening.  At max elevation (87 degrees) it was no longer a 
    point with the naked eye.  I saw "bits sticking out" in an H shape 
    without any binoculars.  I'm looking forward to the pass thursday 
    evening, wx permitting.
    At 23:13 05/21/08, you wrote:
    >Watched the ISS pass over Knoxville, TN at a low 19 deg angle tonight,
    >but it flared real nice at max elevation over us.
    >Using 10 X 50 binoculars, I was not sure if I was seeing correctly, but
    >I thought I could make out an "H" shape, which I have never made out
    >before.  I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks or if I really
    >made out the solar arrays.
    >Has anyone used 10 X 50 or similar binoculars and been able to make out
    >the shape of the ISS before?  I know that telescopic lenses are used to
    >image the ISS from the ground, but wasn't sure their magnification.
    >Time of pass: 2109 eastern time
    >predicted -.9 mgnitude, but flare got to mag -2 for upwards of 30
    >seconds before fading to horizon.  This is when I could make out the "H"
    >shape as it was on closest approach.
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