Re: almost time for the ISS marathon-TONY

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Mon May 19 2008 - 15:01:39 UTC

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    At 10:06 PM 19/05/2008, Adaqm stuart wrote:
    >Thank you, Tony. I did not realize the shadow constraint. Having used HA, I
    >know the sky charts resolve the transit path for a location based on the ISS
    >first rising above the local horizon and terminate with the ISS entering
    >shadow. In retrospect, TheSky and Satellite Tracker do not discern
    >visibility along a transit path, only report "if" the ISS is visible.
    Adam, I would be surprised if the Sky didnt allow for solar
    illumination of a satellite. Perhaps you haven't set in on somehow.
    If satellite tracker is meant for mainly radio tracking it is
    to be expected that solar illumination isnt so important.
    I dont have a copy of either programme so I cant
    test them
      out. However Skymap pro (v8) which I do use
    agrees with HA in saying the entire pass was in
    Tony Beresford
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