Admin: Do Not Post Elements Originating from Space Track

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Mon May 19 2008 - 12:33:54 UTC

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    This is a reminder of the rule prohibiting posting of Space Track originated
    elements (TLEs) to SeeSat-L.
    Ted Molczan
    Do Not Post Elements Originating from Space Track
    When posting to SeeSat-L, you must comply with's user agreement,
    by not posting elements or other data, e.g. RCS values, that originated from
    that site. This SeeSat-L rule also includes elements of unclassified objects
    obtained from NASA/OIG or third parties - even those who have Space Track's
    permission to distribute elements, since it is almost impossible to later prove
    how the data was sourced. This applies also to historical elements, since most
    of those now are also available from
    Where past practice was to include an elset of an unclassified object to
    substantiate an argument, now it is best to state only its name, international
    designator, catalogue number and perhaps the epoch or serial number of the elset
    in question, and leave it to interested readers to obtain the actual elset, or
    include a link to a source.
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