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From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Sun May 18 2008 - 15:15:21 UTC

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    I have a friend here with a Cube. It is the early version and will not track
    satellites because it can't be controlled by an external computer but it is
    a goto and mechanically the same as the new versions. All the software is in
    the hand controller.
    It does an amazingly good job of finding objects and tracking accurately at
    sidereal, solar and lunar however it seems quite noisy and jerky when it
    slews (goto). This indicates to me that it might have considerable vibration
    in the image if you try to track a satellite with the new version.
    The new version is the "G" model. Externally controllable via a USB input in
    the hand controller and supposedly ASCOM compliant. It just came on the
    market. Combining this with its alt/az configuration you might think it
    would make a good satellite tracker. I have been following the discussions
    on the Ioptron user group on yahoo. There is still some debate about how
    well it really works on Ascom systems but most people are getting it to work
    well. No one that I can find has yet tried it on satellite tracking so I am
    waiting for that.
    For know it seems the best solution for tracking is the Meade LX200 series
    mounts in the alt/az configuration. Just my opinion, I am not a fan of Meade
    otherwise. I haven't heard much about the Celestrons used for tracking.
    When I get someone on the Ioptron group to try tracking a satellite with the
    G model I will report it here.
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